Indoor Flat Work Arena Hire 20mx50m

Our all weather floodlight indoor 20x50m warm up arena is available for hire from 8:00am – 5.00pm 7 days a week, subject to availability. The warm up arenas surface is Flexiride an all weather all-in-one riding surface that is ideal for most types of equestrian disciplines. A maximum of 3 additional riders are permitted per session; charged at £10 per hour, per rider. Once a booking has been accepted, refunds will not be given.

Frenches Farm Livery Limited has taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid & prevent accidents occurring & must obey the instructions of the owners/agents whether written or verbal.

Frenches Farm Livery Limited shall not be liable for any claim in respect of damage, loss, injury or accident to any person, horse or property howsoever caused. It shall be deemed a condition of entry that each entrant has read and understood these terms and conditions and shall indemnify Frenches Farm Livery Limited or any person acting on their behalf against any legal action arising from such an incident.

  1. No rider under the age of 4 years old permitted.
  2. Only qualified instructors are allowed in the arena, spectators are not permitted in the arena at any time.
  3. Lunging and free schooling in the arena is not permitted
  4. All items of equipment must be removed after use.
  5. Ridding hats to current BS EN 1384, PAS 015 or ASTM F1163 must be worn & correctly secured whilst mounted.
  6. All stallions must be kept under control at all times & not handled by anyone under 14 years. All stallions must have a WHITE ribbon in tail.
  7. All Kickers must have a RED ribbon in tail and all young and in-experienced must have a GREEN ribbon in tail
  8. All droppings to be picked up immediately and placed in the wheelbarrow provided.
  9. Lorries must not be mucked out onto the car park.
  10. No tying up of horses or ponies with hay nets to the side of lorries.
  11. Dogs are not permitted at Frenches Farm
  12. All children under the age of 16 years must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  13. All rubbish/litter to be removed from site or placed in the bins provided.
  14. Jumps are not be moved and no poles are to be left on the arenas surface.
  15. The arena should be left in the same condition it was found in, all damages are chargeable to the hirer.
  16. Any person who fails to comply with these terms & conditions will result in future bookings being refused.

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Additional riders and horses are welcome but are charged at £10 per rider / horse
Yes, that's not a problem. We welcome our warm up arena to be used for lessons by qualified instructors, there is no charge for your instructor attending.
Sure, however we request a maximum of 4 guest per rider session.
Sorry No! Dogs or any other animal except for horses and ponies are not permitted at Frenches Farm
Our warm up arena surface is Flexiride; an all weather all-in-one riding surface that is ideal for most types of equestrian disciplines
Indoor toilet facilities are available.